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Set of 54 pages designed and maintained by me. Site was designed using Microsoft FrontPage. The various boxes that act as links are images designed in Adobe Photoshop. The Main Page shown above also has "Text-Ads" on both sides.
Example of a listing page. Click to go to the example page.
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Website for Asian operations of InnovationNetwork. This is the main page. The complete project involved 3 pages.
One of the products listing page for the Asian launch website. One important aspect of this website is that the viewer does not need to scroll in order to view the complete page.
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Latest Blog Design for the ASIDE Innovation Blog. The older design version is on the right.
The complete blog is based on Original Design and uses the Blogger code, which enables posts. Designed with the help of Microsoft FrontPage. The Blog acts as a website since the links on the right-hand sidebar open other blogs which have a similar design.
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If you would like to get the Right Colors and Layout for your website, I can help you with an Aesthetic Visioning Exercise, which will establish the right structure for your needs. If you are looking for Exclusive Design for your Website Elements - like buttons and boxes - or if you are looking for someone to minatain your Professional or Corporate Blog, do get in touch with me.